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Distrito Sala
Detalhe Evento
Alice in brothel land - full experience

Alice in brothel land - full experience

Teatro & Arte | Teatro

Clandestino | Pensão Amor

Classificação Etária
Maiores de 18 anos
Bilhete Pago
A partir dos 18 anos


25 minutos


Sem Intervalo.


Pensão Amor

Breve Introdução

Very few will have access to Alice's secret room, but for those who succeed will learn that a whore's life is much more than just open legs. An experience for all senses where the door opens then closes guarding the secret barely finished.

Ficha Artística

Script: Roger Mor
Production: Pensão Amor
Casting: Patricia Vasconcelos
Staging: Sofia de Portugal
Actors: Sofia de Portugal / Francisco Beatriz
Videos: João Pedro Gomes
Photography: Fernando Mendes
Hair: Maria Lourenço Cabeleireiros
Wardrobe: A Outra Face da Lua
Food: Guilherme Spalk

Pré venda

Buy: bol.pt ; Ticket pickup on the day of the event: Pensão Amor
Contacts: bordel@pensaoamor.pt | 962 650 101
Warning: Shows start at the scheduled time; It is not allowed to register any type of image
Note: If you have any kind of food restriction please contact us by phone: 00351 962 650 101

Informações Adicionais

Wednesday the 19th of September, 1962. A new law is approved to prohibit prostitution in Portugal and force the closure of all brothels. Since 1949 Salazar tried to impose a ban, but the law passed that year did not take effect. However in 1962, due to strong pressure from the Church, society was more willing to do away with the world’s oldest profession.
Alice, a madwoman, an astute whore at the Pensão Amor, sees this change as an opportunity and decides to take a new direction in her life. However for that she requires assistance. Who will help Alice to sketch her new destiny? And what new direction will she have in mind?
An intimate spectacle for those over eighteen, not recommended for adults that are sensitive to the crudeness of reality!
Um espetáculo intimista para maiores de dezoito, não recomendado a adultos sensíveis à crueza da realidade!


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